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Pac-12 Football Links 9/6/2019

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The Wildcats have had plenty of time to reflect on their season opening face-plant. Three ways the Wildcats need to improve.

Arizona State

A nice story on a player getting a second chance with the Sun Devils. The offensive line really needs to grow up quickly is an understatement given what I am currently watching in the first half against Sac State.


Two looks (and two) on how the Bears did against UC Davis.


A preview and prediction of the game with the Huskers. The Buffs are switching to aluminum cups; which is pretty cool.


The Ducks had a pretty good game against Auburn and here are some things they could improve on. The Ducks first week game has big implications for the Ducks season.

Oregon State

The Beavers are playing on Facebook tomorrow and Larry Scott really needs you watch so that Facebook decides to bid on Pac-12 inventory down the road. Smith does not want the Beavers to overreact to losing to Oklahoma State and that is a good call.


Costello is out vs. USC on what looked like a pretty dirty shot and Walker Little is also out.


I can't imagine the Bruins will make a QB change, but after the way Thompson-Robinson played in week 1 you have to talk about it. The Bruins have really struggled to get folks in the seats.


The Trojans are not overdoing the pressure on Stanford; still Helton might need this one. Drake Jackson is not redshirting and is making a difference right away.


The Utes need to show more progress on offense against NIU. The Utes offensive line needs to do a better job than last year keeping Huntley's jersey clean.


The Huskies have some good depth at running back. What did we "learn" from playing an FCS team?

Washington State

Gordon was good in his WSU debut. I have some big questions about the defense still, but the first game was pretty good.

Football Thing:

The modern counter play can have any ball carrier.

Non-Football Things:

This is a good book.

This is a good song.

This is good to know. This is such a useful gadget in the kitchen.

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