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Pac-12 Football Links 9/27/2019

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Jace Whittaker, the best cover corner on the team has spent substantial time at Spur safety for the Wildcats which has helped the interior coverage. It feels like a time for both Chip Kelly and Kevin Sumlin to try to build some momentum this year with their teams and fans.

Arizona State

The Sun Devils are expected to open up the playbook against Cal, but it might be a better idea to limit it and just use different formations with a freshman against this Cal D. What were the take-a-ways from the loss to Colorado?


Should Bear fans buy in? I say yes. How did the Bears get to 4-0? The answers are mostly true.


The Buffs are trying to stay on their toes with an off week to prepare for Arizona. I am pro-shorts in Arizona or many other places so Mel Tucker is a hero.


The Ducks offensive line struggled mightily with Stanford, but Justin Herbert became the third straight QB to pick the Cardinal apart.

Oregon State

The Beavers may have landed a big time transfer WR, or they may not have. Jefferson should be a go for the Beavers against the Cardinal.


A round table on the Cardinal's woes. I think this piece does a good job in diagnosing the real problem for the Cardinal, which is player development and scheme/playcalling; especially on the lines.


The Bruins are a little banged up heading into Tucson, but better off than they were at the beginning of the season. The Defensive Coordinator, rightly ,is getting his performance questioned.


Slovis is ruled out for the game at Washington. A WR is really coming into his own this season for the Trojans.


They may remember last year with a bad taste in their mouth, but they were also playing a lot better last season on the backend. Huntley is playing, but if his mobility is limited that could hurt the Utes behind an offensive line that has not excelled.


The Huskies are rolling on offense under Eason and some improved line play and playcalling and it's also showing up in the WR corp where Fuller is having a breakout year.

Washington State

Mike Leach is an entertaining conversation on the roots of the Air Raid in Provo. The Coug defense did not have a great game versus UCLA, but it does feel like the offense's six turnovers and two special teams touchdowns allowed are getting swept under the rug a bit in the blame game.

Football Thing:

You don't see straight Cover 4 or "Quarters" much anymore, but variants on it are still popular looks to mix in to throw something different at a QB.

Non-Football Things:

This is a good book.

This is a good song.

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