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Pac-12 Football Links 8/2/2019

We are previewing the 2019 season already and we have some Pac-12 rankings:

Predicted 2019 Beta_Rank

A Modified Projection Model


Defensive Coordinators

Offensive Coordinators

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2019 Conference Comparison and Expected Wins

2019 Spreads by Week

Check out this sort-able table that allows you to dynamically change year and drill down to conference!


12-Pac Podcast Preview

Khalil Tate is more immersed in the offense this season, which isn't unexpected, but there is a surprise at camp so far in the competition for snaps behind Tate.

Arizona State

The Sun Devils feel like they have the right mindset in the program in year two under Edwards.


At least the Bears know where the emphasis should be in fall camp.


The Buffs profile to maybe make a jump on defense with the new HC, but a lot depends on how the inexperienced line plays.


It's hard to find non-recruiting content sometimes for the Ducks, because they are doing rather well there, but here is a preview of the linebacking corp.

Oregon State

The Beavers have some positives going their way heading into fall camp, but it's all going to depend on the defense.


The Cardinal players were not satisfied with 9 wins last season. I have to be frank here, Stanford feels like they are at a worrying inflection point. The schedule is brutal, the recruiting hasn't been where it was, the defense hasn't been good in awhile, and the coordinator and OL coach turnover really hurt last season. Stanford has outrageously outperformed it's historical trend under two very good coaches and that can be sustainable if you keep a coach and he makes solid hires as he loses coordinators, but the success feels rather tenuous on the farm heading into this season.


Given how the Dorian Thompson-Robinson/Chip Kelly offense looked last season I am going to need to see it proved on the field to buy in, but I do think that Kelly has a proven short leash.


12-Pac Podcast Preview

The USC offense should benefit from the radical simplification of the Air Raid.


12-Pac Podcast Preview

The Utes lost one of the guys they were hoping would compete at the LB spot for a non-injury reason.


12-Pac Podcast Preview

Of course, most of the first day of camp chatter was about the QB's.

Washington State

The Cougars have to feel great about the WR corp coming into this season and they stood out in day one of camp.

Football Thing:

Many passing systems have option routes built into them of varying complexity. I tend to think that your complexity with them should be correlated with offensive competence. You should not think of complex option routes as a way to establish offensive competence.

Non-Football Things:

This is a good book. I am re-upping this book for personal reasons.

This is a good song. Maybe it's not good, but it is fun.

This is good to know. When in Denver take the light rail from the airport to downtown.

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