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Pac-12 Football Links 7/5/2019

We are previewing the 2019 season already and we have some Pac-12 rankings:

Predicted 2019 Beta_Rank

A Modified Projection Model Quarterbacks Defensive Coordinators

Program Tracker Tool

2019 Conference Comparison and Expected Wins

Check out this sort-able table that allows you to dynamically change year and drill down to conference!


The Wildcats have some personnel moves keyed up even before Fall Camp as a QB is moving around looking for playing time. It's not an easy move though and lots of players make moves that leave them sitting on the two deep.

Arizona State

I really try not to cover recruiting in here beyond really big stories, it would just be unmanageable, but it's a slow news week in Sun Devil land.


The Bears are in a good spot because they seem to have one unit dialed in, and a lot of teams don't have that, but teams with big splits often struggle with regression in one unit and the difficulty of progression in the other.


Mel Tucker asks a totally valid question about a recruiting rival.


I don't think it's necessarily the scheme that is Oregon's problem, scheme tends to be overblown since it's more obvious to football fans than other things, but Oregon's offense was bad last season and they need some tweaks.

Oregon State

The Oregonian is running through the most important Beavers heading into fall and you can catch up starting at 17.


Our friend Hythloday does his preview of the Cardinal and he has a lot of questions about this coming season.


A preview of maybe the biggest positional question mark any Pac-12 team has heading into the 2019 season


The Trojans are in a bad place with a former football staffer alleging he was forced out after reporting NCAA violations. The smart move is to pay the man and settle it with a non-disclosure agreement attached. You don't want coaches under oath on the stand getting quizzed about recruiting.


Two Ute defensive lineman make this Top 10 national list!


The Huskies are getting new Adidas uniforms. The Huskies went into a USC pipeline and pulled out a prospect and that is sort of newsy.

Washington State

The Cougs lost a key piece to violating NCAA rules on substances.

Football Thing:

This is pretty Pac-12 centric, but the national scope of elite recruiting that used to help the Pac-12 when USC was rolling and could pull kids from around the country, is going the other direction right now.

Non-Football Things:

This is a good book. On Independence Day weekend lets celebrate the great, and unfairly derided, general of the Civil War who is only now getting his due.

This is a good song. I mean; duh.

This is good to know. I keep up my Wilderness first aid cert.

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