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Pac-12 Football Links 7/26/2019

We are previewing the 2019 season already and we have some Pac-12 rankings:

Predicted 2019 Beta_Rank

A Modified Projection Model


Defensive Coordinators

Offensive Coordinators

Program Tracker Tool

2019 Conference Comparison and Expected Wins

2019 Spreads by Week

Check out this sort-able table that allows you to dynamically change year and drill down to conference!


12-Pac Podcast Preview

Not all of these are things we learned at Pac-12 media days, for example Arizona was going to have some free snaps at WR, but there were some good nuggets collected here. 2018 was probably a good thing development wise to Tate, who got away with pure ability in 2017, and had to buckle down and become a better QB who can play within the offense in the off-season.

Arizona State

Herm Edwards was pretty candid discussing the ASU QB competition with the media, but I would also note that Edwards is adept at saying less than you thought in a great many words. Eno Benjamin has more interest in thumbing his nose at opponents and fan-bases than being a star in the traditional SID driven sense. I personally approve of the trash talk, but I also think the bigger the bat flip the better the baseball.


The Bears landed a bunch of defenders on the Pac-12 preseason teams. The Bears project to have the best defense in the conference next season so it's well deserved.


Darrin Chiaverini was promoted to assistant head coach. I think he has some growing to do before he lands another OC gig, but he's a very good recruiter and position coach and keeping him was sharp by Tucker.


The Ducks have been in the midst of a culture shift to a more physical style of football under Cristobal and we'll get to see it in action against Auburn; who definitely has a physical defensive front.

Oregon State

The Oregonian is running through the most important Beavers heading into fall and you can catch up all the way at #2 is Jermar Jefferson and #1 is Jake Luton. If the Beavers suprise this season it'll be a defensive player as MIP in the look back.


Stanford content, and good Cal content, are always a chore to find, so here is yet another preview from an opponent site.


The UCLA defense hasn't been good since 2016, but they did improve against the run last season; after and abysmal 2017. The flip side is that now people have noticed that the pass defense isn't great.


12-Pac Podcast Preview

Clay Helton is hitting his players with some tough love after last season; given the immense gap between the talent on the roster and coaching salaries vs. other Pac-12 programs versus the on-field results I don't think anything less than pretty direct feedback makes sense.


12-Pac Podcast Preview

The Utes were picked to win the Pac-12 and I think that is the correct take if you understand joint probability and realize winning the Pac-12 is probability of winning division x winning championship game. I personally think Oregon and Washington have higher ceilings than the Utes, but the Utes have the higher floor with so much returning and so many knowns.


12-Pac Podcast Preview

I think Husky fans are building up their expectations to dangerous levels with Jacob Eason, I say dangerous because the blowback on Eason if he's merely as good as 4 year starter Jake Browning is going to be immense; anyway here is a QB preview.

Washington State

I want to see the Cougars offense without Dillard and Minshew before I buy fully into them this season, Minshew got the ball out quick to cover some of the line deficiencies, but I love what they have at the skill positions. Mike Leach's cup runneth over however.

Football Thing:

Offensive lineman use a variety of techniques to keep a defender off them also keep on balance, but the punch/strike is one of the most important to keep defenders from getting inside your hands.

Non-Football Things:

This is a good book.

This is a good song. Maybe it's not good, but it is fun.

This is good to know. If you want a nice way to do data visuals that you can display on the web I do recommend Data Studio from Google. You can get started easily and it is free. I do most all of my coding in Python these days so freeing myself from writing Python engines to generate HTML and Java Script is pretty nice.

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