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Pac-12 Football Links 7/12/2019

We are previewing the 2019 season already and we have some Pac-12 rankings:

Predicted 2019 Beta_Rank

A Modified Projection Model


Defensive Coordinators

Offensive Coordinators

Program Tracker Tool

2019 Conference Comparison and Expected Wins

2019 Spreads by Week

Check out this sort-able table that allows you to dynamically change year and drill down to conference!


12-Pac Podcast Preview

The Wildcats parted ways with their former recruiting coordinator; this seemed in the offing for awhile after reorganization under Sumlin. Don't sleep too hard on Khalil Tate coming into this season.

Arizona State

The box defenders, LB's, are looking to be a source of strength this season for the Devils.


The Bears are going to have themes for all their home games and that seems necessary.


The Buffs have a few in-state teams that would like to stay on their schedule.


The Ducks were previewed by the Denver Post and the Post is pretty high on them.

Oregon State

The Oregonian is running through the most important Beavers heading into fall and you can catch up starting at 10.


The Cardinal also get the Denver Post preview treatment.


The Bruins have been riding a pretty crazy FPI projection and ESPN has them at 7.8 wins based on that. Beta_Rank has the, at 5.47 wins on the main projection model. The modified projection model that factors in coaching and development really doesn't like the Bruins, but also has a big Jim Mora effect still in there.


12-Pac Podcast Preview

The Trojans will play an FCS opponent for the first time; leaving Notre Dame and UCLA as the only holdouts. From a pure maths perspective I would prefer teams did not schedule FCS teams and I kick games against FCS out of the model, but it's hard to get a schedule put together without an occasional straight up buy game.


I agree with this, I think Scalley is going to be on the list for some HC job openings in the future, but he's more likely to land somewhere somewhere in the region than say, Jimmy Lake might be.


The Huskies new uniforms are out and I am on the side of people that like them.

Washington State

The Cougs also go the preview treatment from the Denver Post.

Football Thing:

How do you keep the modern TE from devestating you with size and speed? With athletic freaks of your own of course.

Non-Football Things:

This is a good book. It's highly technical, but the theorem is so cool.

This is a good song. Still a good song.

This is good to know. It's peach season.

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