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Pac-12 Football Links 6/21/2019

We are previewing the 2019 season already and we have some Pac-12 rankings:

Predicted 2019 Beta_Rank

A Modified Projection Model Quarterbacks Defensive Coordinators

Program Tracker Tool

2019 Conference Comparison and Expected Wins

Check out this sort-able table that allows you to dynamically change year and drill down to conference!


The Wildcats hired a high school coach as a analyst and it could be a way in on a 2020 QB prospect. This did not work out for the Wildcats with a certain DL coach and QB prospect.

Arizona State

Eno Benjamin is one of the ten best backs in the country according to USAToday. We, of course, agree.


Brandon MacIlwain should get back on the field, but maybe not as a QB.


Five Buffs this Duck site thinks you should know about heading into this season.


John Canzano normally has pretty smart takes, but this wasn't one of them. He tap dances all around the real problem; the Pac-12 hasn't produced a team good enough to deserve to be in the playoff in a few years and smoke and mirrors is his Plan A.

Oregon State

The Beavs pass defense has been a lot better than their rush defense and here is a preview of their corners and safeties.


The Cardinal got the Bill Connolly treatment and S&P+ has the Cardinal about where Beta_Rank does; which this year might mean a better advanced stats rank than their record.


The Bruins hopes for a jump this season are predicated on all their returning experience, they rank #36 in returning production, but returning production is less predictive of defensive success than offensive.


The Trojans could be back this season, but it's going to be on the offense; which was terrible last season.


The Utes got Bill Connolly'd and Beta_Rank and S&P+ are on the same page with the Ute projections; they are a heavy favorite in the South and just need to win what projects like a toss-up game to be Pac-12 champions. The NCAA's quixotic waiver process did not work out in the Utes favor.


In his penultimate preview before moving on to a new gig, Bill Connolly did the Huskies. The Huskies have to totally retool on defense and replace their starting backfield, but S&P+ and Beta_Rank have them as one of the Pac-12 favorites anyway.

Washington State

The Cougs pick up a former Notre Dame RB who will be immediately eligible and you have to like their depth there now.

Football Thing:

This is a nice breakdown of one of Stanford's standard power run plays.

Non-Football Things:

This is a good book.

This is a good song.

This is good to know. This is my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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