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Launching Sharp College Football

"Why are these <insert team> numbers on an Arizona site?"

I get this question often; especially during football season when we are doing a lot with Reddit across college football. Bryant and I have been talking for months about how our work has outgrown using Wildcat Radio as an umbrella and we are so happy to be bringing you Sharp College Football. It's the new place to find Beta_Rank, podcasts, film breakdowns, other advanced analytics from around college football, and some darn good writing.

We've also been running into this with our Pac-12 content. It's hard to cover the conference with full credibility from all of our listeners and readers when everything is posted back to an Arizona specific website. Truthfully we are posting more written Pac-12 content than just Arizona content of late.

We also have some great friends from around the Pac-12 and college football that we hope to provide a space for too. We are not the only folks who started out covering our team and need a place to put some of our expanded content.

All of those are reasons to do anything else, but Sharp College Football is something specific. We want to take you beyond the usual sports narratives and drive time talk stereotypes. We partnered with Sports Book Review to bring you up to date betting lines across CFB, Beta_Rank is here and with the work I have been doing with Google's Data Studio I am able to bring you deeper into the data on every college team, and Bryant has been working hard on improving our podcasts and creating partnerships across college football coverage. This is just the beginning and we appreciate you coming along with us.


-Rob and Bryant

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