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Enter the 3rd Annual Pac-12 Survivor Pool Contest!!!!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Where only the strong survive.

Welcome to the Third Inaugural Pac-12 Survivor Pool!

Entry is FREE and open to of our podcast listeners (12 Pac Radio, Wildcat Radio, Freeballin Podcast, Quack 12 Podcast, Utahman Podcast, Dawg Pod). The winner receives a $25 Stubhub gift certificate to help with attending your next game.

This contest starts Week One of College Football season (not Week Zero) so you have some time. Read the rules, submit your weekly pick, and you're in!

Here are the rules:

1. Each week, pick one Pac-12 team to win their game — do not worry about the spread — they just need to win straight up. If the team you picked wins, you advance to the next week. If they lose, you are eliminated from the contest. The last person standing wins a special prize. Here is the hard part: You can only pick each Pac-12 team one time per season.

2. Your pick is due by end of day Friday unless your team is playing on a Thursday. Be careful as many of the teams have weekday games this year.

3. If you don’t submit your pick you are out.

4. We recommend planning out your whole season of picks before Week One.

5. The contest will run Week One through Week Twelve. If more than one person survives through Week Twelve we will select a handful of games to choose from in Week 13 and through bowl season if needed.

6. If one of our hosts wins, no prize will be issued — you want to reach the top? You have to go through the champ.

Submit your picks weekly through any of the options below. We will post weekly results on SharpCollegeFootball.com and announce them on the 12 Pac Radio and Wildcat Radio Podcasts so check back regularly to witness the wasteland of fools that have perished before your iron will.

Enter the Pac-12 Survivor Pool Contest by sending your first pick using one of the following options:

- Tweet your weekly pick to @12PacRadio;

- Visit SharpCollegeFootball.com and submit your pick by clicking on the Survivor Pool icon;

- Email your pick to Bryant.Conger@gmail.com.

Party on, Garth.

Survivor Pool Hall of Champions:

2017-18: Rick DeNice 2019: Island Cat

*Update: We now have the full Pac-12 schedule graphic


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