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Join Us in Cincinnati 2020


  Saturday                                                                 Main                                         Breakout

      830-930AM       Registration                     

      930-1000AM     Welcome

      1000-1100AM   Session I

      1110-1210PM   Session I​I                                                                            Python Tips and Tricks

      1210-130PM     Lunch (Provided)

      130-300PM       Session III

      300-330PM       Break

      330-430PM       Session IV


      900-1000AM     Session V                        Isolating Recruiting

      1010-1110AM   Session VI

      1100-1130AM   Closing

Python Tips and Tricks | Rob Bowron @beta_rank_fb

If you are a long time Python user, or a newbie, here are some best practices for using Python better to do your data science work. Rob Bowron has a decade of professional data science work in Python, SAS, R, Julia, SQL, and Hadoop. He also went to PyCon in 2018 and took notes.

Isolating Recruiting | Rob Bowron @beta_rank_fb

Recruiting is important, but is it everything? How should we evaluate coaching? It's a devilishly complex co-occurance/co-linearity problem that for the most part gets simple treatments and big statements attached to it. Rob Bowron has been looking at recruiting for years as part of pre-season models to provide Bayesian weighting for Beta_Rank. He has recently brought more publicly available data to bear on the problem and has some interesting results.

Questions please reach out to @beta_rank_fb on Twitter or rbowron1856@gmail.com